DOOMED by Tracy Deebs

Total annihilation in 10 days. . . .doomed

Pandora has gotten herself into a sticky situation. Receiving a birthday email from her father, who has been absent in her life ever since she was seven, has turned her world into something of a video game…literally.

Deebs takes every teenagers nightmare and turns it into Pandora’s reality. No electricity, no power, and most importantly NO INTERNET! (shudders). And it all started with one click. Finding an email from your ghost of a father on your 17th birthday is sketchy enough. Unknowingly uploading a worm from said email may or may not create some major daddy issues. On top of that this worm is connected to a video game called Pandora’s Box which is Pandora’s favorite game (surprise right?). The only thing left to spin this out of control was a present in the middle of the screen. You can guess what happened. Just as the Greek myth goes, Pandora unleashes the disasters of the world and to save it from annihilation, she has to play the game. What fun!

I really liked this book because I’ve never read anything apocalyptic before and this was by far the most interesting way to end the world. I mean, who would think playing a little video game could be that dangerous? Certainly not Pandora. The idea behind this apocalypse is also not as far-fetched as say death by zombies. Out of 7.023 billion people in our world, there’s bound to be one or two evil tech-savvy masterminds who dream of ending the world for whatever reason or at least have the power to do it. Plus, the world wide web completely shutting down in all parts of the world would most definitely create chaos. The kinds of things that people did in this book because of this worm were a little terrifying. The game was also so cool! It was based completely on Greek mythology and I, being a greek and roman mythology nerd, was intrigued by it.

This book was in no way a slow read, there was never a dull moment. There was non stop action on every page. I have to say Pandora is one strong female. Obviously she lost her composure a few times but you know who wouldn’t? In the end she would get back up with the help of her friends. Which brings me to Theo and Eli 🙂 Now first off, they’re both gorgeous so plus 1 already. Eli is the funny, out-going jock whom all the girls fawn over. He kind of reminds me of a puppy. Theo is more the mysterious hot guy whom all the girls also fawn over but who is kind of in the popular crowd just because it’s expected. Did I mention he’s a genius? Yea he’s pretty amazing. He never gives up and is always there to take charge and be the one with the plan. Oh yea Eli and Theo are step brothers who don’t really get along well. Together these three stick their heads together, put on their thinking caps, and race the clock in attempt to save the world.

I refuse to believe the ending is the true ending. There’s too much left to happen for this story to be finished! What happens to the world now? I need more of two specific characters! My heart is not satisfied! I felt like the last few chapters were rushed because the author wanted to finish the story quickly. There wasn’t really any development to the resolution. It was just like BAM this is how it ends. There HAS to be a sequel though I can’t find any information about one. Nevertheless, I won’t disregard the possibility.

If you liked what you read then pick up DOOMED by Tracy Deebs 🙂


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