ALLEGIANT by Veronica Roth

allegiantkTitle: Allegiant

Author: Veronica Roth

Genre: Dystopian

Form: Hardcover

Allegiant by Veronica Roth is the third installment in her Divergent series. Therefore, if you haven’t read Divergent then I am not sure that this review will make much sense to you. I mean, you can still read it, it’s your God-given right but I suggest picking up Divergent first then come back and we can talk. 🙂

When we left Tris back in Insurgent, she just revealed Edith Prior’s video about gathering up the Divergent and sending them outside of the city. By the ending sentence and from obvious inferences, we know that this revelation caused a riot. Painstakingly, we were left to wait a whole year to find out what happens.

I honestly had no idea what I was reading when I started Allegiant. Insurgent wasn’t that interesting for me so I barely remembered what took place in that book. Allegiant was totally different. I was actually able to flip through the pages and be interested with ever turn. I was pretty excited to find out what “outside the city” looked like.  Basically, it was no different from how most dystopian novels display the “outer regions”: discombobulated, old, broken, you know the usual. The Bureau of Genetic Welfare really interested me though. Normally, when I read novels such as these, I can tell who the evil guys are and I understand why they are evil. However, I was having a hard time pegging the Bureau as the bad guys because to me, it just seemed like they had some misconceptions but they weren’t evil. It wasn’t like they were killing off GDs for kicks and giggles and it didn’t seem like they were being racist either. Only in the middle, towards the end, did I realize the wrongness of their doings. For example, when Matthew told his story and when Anne (I believe her name was) told Tobias that they can’t blame the GDs for being damaged. Now that got me upset.

I forgot how incredibly frustrating this series made me! As I was reading, I kept getting angrier. I hated Nita as soon as I met her and I could not stand her little ‘moments’ with Four. I especially got upset when Four would not LISTEN to Tris when she told him that Nita was lying! I wanted to scream “Tris’ judgements are always right just LISTEN TO HER FOUR OMG!” Fourtris’ relationship has always been rocky. Their only marshmellow stage was in Divergent. Even though they don’t really act like a fortress (get it?), they always make up and still clearly love each other. Or should I say loved. As in past tense. As in the loving is not an equal distribution anymore because TRIS IS DEAD!

I was unfortunately spoiled about this because my friend thought it was a good idea to tell me who dies. As a result of this, my experience reading her death was not as painful as it would have been. A lot of people would say they don’t like the ending but I’m satisfied with it. Tris died a noble death. I liked the quote when she said there’s evil in everybody and to be able to forgive someone, you have to find the evil in yourself. I highly respect Tris because she sacrificed herself for all her friends and for her city as well as other cities and it was an act of love. She is one of the strongest female characters I know for being able to go through everything she did. The craziest part is that she is only sixteen. As Four put it, “I suppose a fire that burns that bright is not meant to last.”

The last chapters in Tobias’ POV were the most painful. It hurt because I can only imagine all the pain and suffering he was going through. When he was about to drink the memory serum I couldn’t handle it anymore. Bless Christina for arriving on time to stop him! It hurt even more because him and Tris talked about living normally together after all of this was over and now they will never be able to. The epilogue seriously had me in tears. Their one last act of Dauntless bravery for Tris. 😥

The only thing I can say I’m unhappy about is Uriah’s death. I feel like he was too much of an important character to die in such a silly way. An explosion went off, he fell, and damaged his brain. That’s it. I don’t feel like this did him any justice. He is one of my favorite characters in the entire series and I wish he had a bigger part to play in all of this. Also, the POVs could have been better. Four and Tris sound exactly the same. I had to constantly keep reminding myself who was the speaker. Since Tris is who we’ve known for a while, this made Four seem as if he had no deeper personality.

In the end, I felt like everyone was broken from their individual losses. There was peace but it was more of a sadness. I know these characters are fictional but they seem so real to me that I hope they do mend each other and they are able to be happy again.

Tell me what you thought of Allegiant! 🙂


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