Who said books never hurt anybody?

A well known phrase used to persuade one to read is “C’mon. Books never hurt anybody.”


I can tell you countless stories where I have been injured by a book. While these instances may or may not have been physical pain, they might as well have been because they hurt just as much. When I first started reading, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now the first novels that I have read were the Nancy Drew mystery series. Those stories were really just for fun and I didn’t get too attached to them. If you had asked me when I was about 7 or 8, I would tell you that books are totally safe. But then I began to read Percy Jackson and thus erupted my passion for reading. Along with that passion came some strong emotions, rather unhealthy attachments to characters and what would turn out to be the spark for a rocky and bumpy future, where books are concerned at least.

In my endeavors of reading, I will sometimes throw the book or repeatedly slam myself with the book either in frustration or happiness. Cliffhangers, plot twists, cannon ships, and the fact that my theories turn out to true, are all reasons for this outbreak of self-inflicted pain. This doesn’t even begin to take into consideration the emotional trauma. From sunken ships and tear-jerking epilogues to major lovable character deaths, the very words on a page can leave you as an emotional wreck! More often than not, I have to take a break from reading to recover from a book that left my heart broken. (Allegiant, Opal, The Fault in Our Stars, The Mark of Athena…the list is endless)

Books also hurt your social life. For example,
Friend: Hey wanna go out tonight?
Me: Oh you know I’d love to but this book that I’m reading right now is really good and I have to find out what happens so I’m just gonna stay home, locked up in my room and read.

As well as your love life. . .
Potential boyfriend: You’re beautiful and you have a great personlity. I’d like to date you.
Me: Oh that’s so sweet but you’re no Percy, Warner, Augustus, Daemon or Peeta and it just wouldnt be fair to you. Sorry.

Yea, who has two thumbs and is gonna be forever alone. *sobs and points to self* This girl.

It only gets worse as I grow older and begin to read novels with deeper morals and more complex characters.

“Reading a book is like going into war, there is a high probability that you will come out with battle scars.”
– a quote by me

So when picking up a book: Beware and Proceed with caution. Needless to say, nothing will ever stop me from reading. It’s one of the bittersweet joys in life.


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