Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi

Title: Fracture Mefracture me

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Dystopian

Form: Ebook

When I began to read this novella, I was worried that I would fall in love with Adam and my love for Warner might lessen and no way in heck did I want that. As it turns out, I was worried for NOTHING! This story only made my feelings for Adam become worse. He just kept upsetting me! He would say certain things that just irked me! The vibe that I kept getting from him was selfish-ness and a little bit of cockiness. And I did not appreciate the way he thought about Juliette. He has so little faith in her and her strength that its hard to believe he actually loves her. If he keeps bringing Juliette down like that when would she ever feel like she is strong enough? I get that he wants to protect her I really do but she isn’t a helpless little kitten. Adam just doesn’t give people enough credit, even Kenji sometimes. He is also quite possessive and not in the cute way, he took it to a level that was just completely unnecessary: They are in a tragic situation and Juliette just got kidnapped. Kenji wants to go rescue her and says “Let’s go get our girl.” Now tell me, why does Adam think it necessary to say “My girl. She’s my girl.”? Kenji is in no way a threat to him and he didn’t mean anything by that. Juliette does not belong to you, Adam.  The only thing I can say I like about Adam at this point is how he feels towards James. It’s touching, I can tell he really loves him and James is so precious ^.^

It’s really interesting to see Juliette from another person’s point of view. From the outside, she looks very hyperactive and nervous most of the time. Her fleeting expressions make a person very curious. Having read these scenes in Unravel Me beforehand, we know exactly what was going through her head. Juliette is a very hard person to get. There’s no way to understand her unless she tells you everything herself.

If I had a TARDIS I would travel to February 4th because I cannot wait any longer for Ignite Me. That excerpt killed me. I cannot stress enough how much I love Juliette’s voice. I love reading in her point of view. It’s so raw and unedited and perfect I love it. She’s back in her room, the hellhole room, which made her go insane and it brings back a lot of emotions and habits that she tried to keep in check. Both sides think the other is dead. Adam, Kenji and the others think Juliette is dead and Juliette thinks they’re all dead. It makes her go crazy for a little while and she’s breaking down but she knows she can get through this. She had her weak point already when she went through this before and it made her stronger. People do say weakness makes you stronger. I loved that bit at the end “revenge I think has never looked so sweet.” Juliette’s really strong, whether Mr. Kent chooses to believe that or not, and she’s going to show them all now. That’s my girl!





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