the giverBrenton Thwaites is too damn fine. Sorry not sorry, just had to acknowledge that.

Last time I read The Giver was in 7th grade and the only thing I remembered about reading it was the absence of color and a red apple. Therefore, I can’t review this movie based on the book so I’m just going to tell you what I thought.

The acting was not phenomenal but it was good enough. The graphics were great, they really focused on the color of everything which I thought was great. The scenes when Jonas received from the Giver were produced well. I love the one with the music and the dancing.

I like what they did with the town because it really showed sameness. The bird’s eye view is literally just perfect circles.

My sister said the chasing part didn’t happen, that Jonas just left with Gabriel and went to the cabin and that was the first time he heard music. I don’t remember that part in the book but I like how they changed it because if Jonas just left there would be no excitement.

When the wave of memories came back to everyone, they didn’t look like they were hit with emotion. It was just kind of like *staring blankly into space…tear* I feel like they could have acted better. Overall though, I thought the movie was beautiful. It left me feeling all happy and hopeful. Then One Republic plays at the end and it’s even better.

My only question was “Why is Taylor Swift in this movie?” but anyway! Beautiful movie, you all should watch it if you’ve read the book, haven’t read the book whatever. If you’ve seen it, comment and let’s chat! Okay? Okay. 🙂


2 comments on “BOOK-MOVIE: The Giver

  1. Kayla says:

    Yessss! WHY was Taylor Swift there?! Ugh… but I still liked it! I kind of remembered that people were coming after Jonas . . at least, that’s how it was in my head after reading it years ago, but I definitely knew his friend hadn’t been involved. But I think that the community and especially the memories he was given were done really well! I loved the dancing memory too!


    • Char says:

      Yea well regardless of what they added, I think it complimented the overall plot really nicely. The memories were so vivid and beautiful oh my these recent book to movie adaptations are giving me hope for the future!


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