Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

Title: Rebel Springrebel spring

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Genre: Fantasy

Edition: Hardcover

Behold the jaw-dropping cover I was referring to in my Falling Kingdoms review ——>

Rebel Spring was considerably better than the first book but not by much. It was better enough to warrant my continuation of the series. The storyline was still more or less predictable but there were aspects, such as the deeper incorporation of magic, that were creative enough to prevent it from being totally basic. We also get introduced to new characters such as Alexius, a Watcher who visits Lucia in her dreams, and Lysandra, a rebel joining Jonas’s band of rebels. Queen Althea is also given a more influencing role as we are even given some chapters in her POV. Seeds of mystery were planted throughout the novel which kept me captivated and curious to find out the truth and this, of course, contributed to the higher quality of this novel.

At the end of Falling Kingdoms, King Gaius and his followers succeeded in their seige of Auranous with the help of Lucia’s powerful, borderline scary, magic. Everyone else not a part of Limeros is rendered a slave to their rule. As inferred by the title, basically everyone is rebellious. There’s Cleo, taken prisoner as the only surviving member of royalty of Auranos, who resigns to play the innocent, obedient princess while secretly devising a way to take back her kingdom. Cleo seemed a bit more mature in this novel. I guess losing all one’s family and being taken hostage forces one to grow up. Whatever the case, I appreciated that and I like how conniving she became, buddying up to Lucia for her magic, the key to her regaining power. Meanwhile, Jonas rounded up a group of Paelsians that harboured the same desire to kill the King and free everyone from oppression once and for all. To be honest, Jonas became even more annoying than he was in the first book. He’s so rash and seems to think of himself more highly than others when he doesn’t really have a reason to. Lysandra would be a better leader. Anyone would be a better leader than Jonas. Well, maybe not Aron but he’s another case all together.

I really enjoyed how Althea had her own sidestory going on meeting with the witch and what not and it was curiosity inducing when the guy in the cloak came up behing her and killed her. I thought the guy was going to be someone important that we knew, someone central to the plot but then he was just a random guy. That was disappointing. However, the fact that the murder was more throroughly orchestrated than originally thought made up for the means. Magnus coming to find out the real mastermind behind his mother’s murder was instilled with a rebellious side as well, but in his own intrinsic way. He’s still pining after Lucia (who by the way I still cannot bring myself to like) and she continues to hurt him while falling in love with her dream boy, literally, Alexius. Alexius quickly became my favorite character after Magnus because he was the only other one who had any depth. We only had about five chapters in his POV and I still feel like I comprehend his character more than any other. His relationship with Lucia was believable on his end. On Lucia’s end, it’s kind of weird. Alexius is a thousand something year old man so obviously he’s wise and he spent a lot of time with Lucia all the while knowing more about who she is and who she is to become more than Lucia herself. All of that paired with the way he spoke about her made his feelings authentic to me. Lucia did not have much foundation to her feelings.

I’m not even going to get started on Lysandra and her supposed feelings for Jonas. You already know that–that was just ridiculous. Jonas goes from hating Cleo’s guts to making out with her in an alcove in the forest…. No comment. But Cleo and Magus are wed! That’s hilarious seeing as they despise each other but we’ll see where this arrangement takes them. King Gaius is really relentless.

Everyone, with all their separate storylines, is still connected by one goal. To find the Kindred. The four elementia – Water, Air, Earth, Fire – contained in four stones located somewhere around Mytica. Everybody wants to find them for various reasons. Prince Ashur even travels all the way from Kraeshia, a kingdom not even in Mytica, to locate these magical stones. No one has yet to find them though.

All in all, Rebel Spring was better than I expected. I’m glad I continued the series because it seems to be heading in an intriguing direction. Let me know in the comments what you thought about it. Who’s your favorite character so far? What do you think of the world building? Which kingdom is your favorite? Mine is Limeros; I find frozen nature and black castles alluring.

Later loves. x


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