Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Title: red_queen_book_cover_a_pRed Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Genre: Dystopian

Edition: Hardcover

There’s so much hype revolving around this novel. When I went to the bookstore, I ended up buying it and the cashier was all “Oh my gosh that book is so good like *gah* so good!” I found the idea of classification between red bloods and silver bloods to be intriguing, and I always love a good dose of superpowers. But the world building was horrible. It wasn’t terrible to the point where readers could not imagine the setting but a lot of aspects about the world were just not even mentioned or clarified. Like why are there even some people with silver blood and others with red? Was this distinction just always there or did something happen along the way to the human race? Do Silvers have powers because of their blood or is there a mutation that comes along with the silver blood giving them powers? Does anybody even know? The main character, Mare Barrow, did not come off as one who was clueless about her society. In fact, she seemed well educated so one would assume that her being the narrator, she would have a little more extensive knowledge about her world. I believe she said something about the society not always being a monarchy but even that was blurry.

The beginning of this novel was a bit confusing as Mare and her childhood best friend, Kilorn, were going to a gladiator-type fight between a Silver and a Red. Eventually, the storyline cleared up and was quite exciting that I managed to finish the book in one day. I found Mare to be a pretty strong character. She was forced into a complicated situation where her opinion and choices mattered barely to not at all, yet she kept her tenacious spirit. The other characters, the princes Cal and Maven, were interesting enough. I liked how we were never comfortably sure about who they were and what angle they were playing; it sustained a mystery that in turn sustained my interest. Especially Maven. *clears throat loudly*

But anyway. The plot twist, I think, made this book better than it would have been had there been no plot twist. There was a certain point in the book where a character did something suspicious and I thought this could either go both ways–said person could be evil or genuine–but as the story progressed, I pushed those suspicions aside because the person’s involvement just got so deep and they seemed authentically GOOD. Sometimes, you think you can trust a person, you place your faith in them and they just rip your heart out. I’m being vague to prevent spoilers but if you read Red Queen you know exactly who I’m talking about. If you haven’t read this book just know that you will have your mind blown.

Even with the awesome plot twist, I could not rank this novel very high on my favorites list. The idea of Reds and Silvers was unique but beyond that, it was like a cross between X-Men and Hunger Games. Multiple times while reading, I couldn’t shake the comparisons that kept popping into my head because everything was just so similar. Even the characters sometimes. I swear Kilorn and Gale are the same person. Moreover, I sense a really annoying love triangle brewing and I really don’t want to read about it. Red Queen was interesting but now that the whole backstory is (more or less) covered, I feel like the plot from here on out will be so typical. Nevertheless, I will read Glass Sword. 

Let me know what you thought of this book if you’ve read it. Or if you just wanna talk that’s cool too. Bye! x


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