Oh my stars.

Shatter me. May or may not become a TV series! 

I am bloody excited I tell you. You most likely aren’t aware of this but Shatter Me is my favorite trilogy of all time…of all time. The story is beautiful, the writing is beautiful, the characters are beautiful, and Juliette’s character development is indubitably the best development I have read in my entire life. My mind has never changed or been flipped around so much and so quickly as it was reading this series and I loved every minute of it. So you can believe me when I say, I was jumping on the balls of my feet at this news.

For a while, since it is so close to my heart, the Shatter Me series has been on my list of books I do not want adapted into a movie because I envisioned the world and all the characters perfectly that I didn’t want my imagination being corrupted. I have like a perfect illustration of everything set in my head and I would be devastated if I reread the books and could not get the real life actors or movie sets out of my head. In my opinion, a TV series is a better option than a movie because there is more wiggle room now that the producers don’t have to fit everything into 2 hours. They can stretch it out a bit and really capture all the plot details. I hope they take advantage of that opportunity and since Tahereh will be a consulting producer, I think we can have more in faith in the hope that they won’t mess it up. Just think about how perfect it all could be. I mean, Juliette in real life, Kenji’s witty remarks in real life, AARON WARNER ANDERSON in real life. I’m a bit nervous because let’s be honest, there is no man on this earth suited enough to play Warner so we can only hope they find someone very close. I’m hoping that the casting is exceptional for the other characters too though I couldn’t care less about Adam’s casting. And I am crossing my fingers that the people they cast actually know how to act so they can do the characters justice.

ABC Signature Studios are the ones who optioned for Shatter Me and that’s really comforting because they could really turn this series into something magnificent. I mean, have you seen Once Upon A Time and Marvel’s Agents of Shield (just to name a couple)? If the world were a wish-granting factory, CW would air Shatter Me. *Sigh* CW does everything right.

I’m really excited to see all the upcoming news regarding this tv series! Gah, this is such an exciting time! IS ANYONE ELSE AS EXCITED AS I AM???? Honestly, I just cannot wait.

Tahereh Mafi & Ransom Riggs collaborated with some of my favorite booktubers! I’ll link the videos down below if you haven’t already seen them. (Whitney’s was my favorite; absolute perfection.)

Christine @ PolandBananasBOOKS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q8bThF7NQM

Whitney @ whittynovels – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlADv6w391s

Jesse @ jessethereader – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb4TdQrkVjk



  1. Shatter Me is going to the top of my reading list.

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