Viva la Revolución! #UniteD13

Have you seen them? Have you seen the gloriousness that are the character posters for Mockingjay Part 2?

Lionsgate Entertainment released them yesterday and the gap from now until November has suddenly seemed to increase in size.

Finnick’s is my favorite. His face doesn’t look like it’s swallowing the camera like the others and his eyes are popping behind the red mockingjay.

finnick mjp2


johanna mjp2

Cressida (love her):

cressida mjp2

Gale (so annoying but Liam Hemsworth has my heart):

gale mjp2

Mellark (<3):

peeta mjp2

And the face of it all, the leader & symbol of this revolution, Miss Katniss Everdeen:

katniss mjp2

I LOVE these! I get heart eyes while looking at them. The mockingjays across their faces are brilliant and their expressions? Fierce like a tiger. All bite no bark. No time for pleasantries, they’ve got a revolution to fight. Ack! I’m so excited! I love how they each have a different demographic that each character represents then there’s Katniss representing them all as a whole – PANEM Unite. Everything is perfect.

JLaw posted a movie poster too on her facebook: mockingjay part 2

Let’s just take a step back and appreciate her poise on that throne. The regal-like confidence. Nobody can kick her off cause that’s her rightful spot. I kind of miss the fire burning behind her but it’s now consumed in her suit and it will burn forever.

Just one question: Anybody willing to paint a red mockingjay on my face for me?


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