I Didn’t Choose the College Life. . .

Just kidding, I totally did.

I most definitely did not choose to neglect books or this blog but that’s what happened. College demanded and I obliged. Obligations suck, don’t they?

While I am thrilled to be furthering my education (even if I don’t exactly feel so in the midst of all my burdening school work), I wish I had more time to pursue my hobbies. Everyone told me that I would have bundles of free time but they LIED. Free time is an illusion created by man that does not exist on my college campus. You think you have it but then you look out your window and oops–is that the moon?

It’s pathetically hilarious that I brought about 15 books with me to college, some I read before and was planning to reread, but I literally hit the ground running when classes started and there was no conceivable way that I would even be able to crack open a book. My perfectionist personality certainly did not help matters so school work got all my attention these past few months.

But anyways you all don’t care about any of that so I’m really making this post as a PSA that I am still alive (only barely). By some miracle, I survived my first term of college and now I’m on break. I’m so excited to read all the books that came out this fall and have yet to come out in December! I also have so many book reviews to catch up on. This is going to be interesting but at least I’ll be home! In my bed! Reunited with my books (and my family, of course but priorities…)! Where I can read and write without feeling like I’m ruining my future in the process! 😀

Are any of you suffering from college life like me? What have you all been reading? Do you have any plans for the holidays? Any books you’re just dying to get your hands on? Comment and let me know 🙂



2 comments on “I Didn’t Choose the College Life. . .

  1. My first semester of college just ended too. For the past couple months around 3/4 of my posts have been scheduled and written before the semester started. Now I’m back to writing posts in real time. 🙂

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