ToA Cover Reveal & Musings!

Rick Riordan dropped the cover of The Trials of Apollo today along with an excerpt from Chapter 3.

trials of apollo.jpg

If you weren’t already aware, this series is going to follow Apollo as he attempts to maneuver the mortal world stripped of his godly status. I imagine his trials will be hilarious at best.

As expected, the cover is beautiful. The blue is perfectly contrasted by the orange glow surrounding Apollo because he’s literally the sun. I love how the “O” in Apollo is a target and Apollo in god form is shooting at it. (He’s a little bit off target but if anyone could make that shot it would be Apollo). Mortal Apollo looks like a brunet though which is weird because Apollo has always been blond and one would assume that he would stay blond as a mortal. It could just appear that way though because the “sun” is overshadowing him. Whatever he looks like, he’ll still have his chipper personality.

Usually Rick releases the first chapter of an upcoming novel so I was briefly confused as to why he chose Chapter 3 this time. Then I saw that Percy was going to make an appearance and realized that Rick once again knows exactly what his fans want. Apollo is one of my favorite Greek gods especially in the universe that Rick has created–with his impromptu haikus and mindless flirting with the hunters of Artemis. I can’t wait to see the reactions of Chiron and the campers at CHB. Percy’s reaction was iconic enough.

Apollo’s situation is intriguing though because since Zeus turned him into a mortal, he doesn’t have any powers at all unlike the demigods. So how is he going to get into CHB in the first place? And even if he has no powers, does he still have skills he specializes in? He could just be an expert archer in human standards and familiar with musical instruments. I doubt his poetry skills will improve though.

Regardless, I’m just glad we haven’t seen the last of Percy Jackson and CHB. Hopefully, this series will answer all of the questions that Blood of Olympus left us with because we all know that ending was less than satisfactory. It’ll be reminiscent to read the familiar first person POV and from such a lovable character.

If you have any theories about Rick’s exciting new series and wanna talk about them, leave a comment for me! I’d love to read them.

Adieu xx


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