Crown of Ptolemy by Rick Riordan

The-Crown-of-Ptolemy-Rick-RiordanTitle: The Crown of Ptolemy

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Middle-grade Adventure/Fantasy

Edition: E-book

 “My Big Fat Greek/Egyptian Crossover.”

In this Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover, Percy finally meets Sadie and Annabeth finally meets Carter to battle against an Egyptian magician named Setne. By putting their heads and their unique weapons together, the four demigods employ tactics to bring Setne down and prevent him from becoming an all powerful Egyptian/Greek God and doing very bad things. Since Rick Riordan isn’t a fan of bad endings, it wouldn’t be considered a spoiler to tell you that they succeed. The fun, of course, is in the “how”.

I’m not sure if I’m getting tired-slash-growing out of Rick Riordan’s writing style, but this novella was not as appealing to me as most of his works usually are. The plot was mediocre at best and the dialogue was absolutely ridiculous–kind of like a really bad comedy movie. I didn’t feel an ounce of adventure throughout (although my heart did almost stop when I thought Riptide was gone forever). The first two novellas in this crossover series, Son of Sobek and the Staff of Serapis, were really enjoyable but this just didn’t do it for me. All in all, it was really superficial without any real substance to the story or the characters.

I used to say that I would never be done with Percy Jackson. I used to say that Rick Riordan could write a hundred more books about him and I’d read them all but I’m starting to wonder whether that remains true. If I don’t think Rick is doing Percy Jackson justice (ahem heroes of olympus) or if I don’t like the way the books are written, I’d much rather keep my memories of Percy Jackson pure and untainted.

With that said however, Crown of Ptolemy was just a small, irrelevant novella so I can’t make any rash judgments based on it. Therefore, I’m still excited to read Trials of Apollo because Camp Half Blood needs to re-enter my life. Hopefully the gloriousness of Percy Jackson and the Olympians re-enters with it.

Peace. εἰρήνη. xx


ToA Cover Reveal & Musings!

Rick Riordan dropped the cover of The Trials of Apollo today along with an excerpt from Chapter 3.

trials of apollo.jpg

If you weren’t already aware, this series is going to follow Apollo as he attempts to maneuver the mortal world stripped of his godly status. I imagine his trials will be hilarious at best.

As expected, the cover is beautiful. The blue is perfectly contrasted by the orange glow surrounding Apollo because he’s literally the sun. I love how the “O” in Apollo is a target and Apollo in god form is shooting at it. (He’s a little bit off target but if anyone could make that shot it would be Apollo). Mortal Apollo looks like a brunet though which is weird because Apollo has always been blond and one would assume that he would stay blond as a mortal. It could just appear that way though because the “sun” is overshadowing him. Whatever he looks like, he’ll still have his chipper personality.

Usually Rick releases the first chapter of an upcoming novel so I was briefly confused as to why he chose Chapter 3 this time. Then I saw that Percy was going to make an appearance and realized that Rick once again knows exactly what his fans want. Apollo is one of my favorite Greek gods especially in the universe that Rick has created–with his impromptu haikus and mindless flirting with the hunters of Artemis. I can’t wait to see the reactions of Chiron and the campers at CHB. Percy’s reaction was iconic enough.

Apollo’s situation is intriguing though because since Zeus turned him into a mortal, he doesn’t have any powers at all unlike the demigods. So how is he going to get into CHB in the first place? And even if he has no powers, does he still have skills he specializes in? He could just be an expert archer in human standards and familiar with musical instruments. I doubt his poetry skills will improve though.

Regardless, I’m just glad we haven’t seen the last of Percy Jackson and CHB. Hopefully, this series will answer all of the questions that Blood of Olympus left us with because we all know that ending was less than satisfactory. It’ll be reminiscent to read the familiar first person POV and from such a lovable character.

If you have any theories about Rick’s exciting new series and wanna talk about them, leave a comment for me! I’d love to read them.

Adieu xx

House of Hades!

hohTitle: House of Hades

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Fantasy/Greek Mythology

Form: Kindle ebook

OH MY GOSH! After a year-long wait, House of Hades has finally come! For those of you who haven’t heard of this book (I can’t imagine how), it is the fourth book in Rick Riordan’s series, Heroes of Olympus, which is a spin-off of his previous series, Percy Jackson and The Olympians. I’m sure you’ve all heard of this beautiful snowflake because I swear even people who don’t read know who Percy Jackson is. In short biography, he is a demigod from New York; the best there is! Demigods are half human, half god. So their mortal parent hooked up with a god/goddess and thus halfbloods are born. Being a demigod guarantees a truckload of issues and if you know anything from Greek Mythology, you understand the struggle. BUT anyhow, if you haven’t read any Percy Jackson books I suggest you leave now because this will be spoiler central and GO READ THE LIGHTNING THIEF THIS INSTANT LIKE RIGHT NOW GO GO TO YOUR NEAREST LIBRARY, BOOKSTORE, KINDLE, NOOK, PURCHASE IT AND DON’T EAT OR SLEEP UNTIL YOU FINISH! You can thank me later 😉 Byeeeee.

Oh. Di. Immortales. Uncle Rick has done it again. He never fails, that clever trolling man! I was legitimately stressing out after The Mark of Athena because I know how Rick only uses four POVs in this series for each book and my friend pointed out that MoA was in all Greek’s point of views so HoH should be in all Roman’s. I was FREAKING out because there was no way that Rick wouldn’t show us TARTARUS. I mean come on it’s TARTARUS, we all want to know what it looks like, what’s down there, how big it is et cetera et cetera. But thank you Zeus, they were included and not only that but all of the seven were included. Color me surprised when I reached Frank’s POV. I have to say, in my opinion, House of Hades is the best book in this series so far. The storyline was perfect, the characters all went through such great developments, and those plot twists were brilliant.

Now first let me talk about Tartarus. It wasn’t what I expected, which was a dark creepy cold abyss, but it was really cool! There are clouds the color of blood, there’s the Phlegethon, river of FIRE that you can drink to delay your death (how considerate), and then there’s the heart which is literally a HEART with all the rivers of the underworld flowing into it. Yea, cool right? Tartarus is HUGE, I feel like you have to set aside a whole week to get through it all. I kind of imagined there’d be monsters everywhere just chilling out but they actually had to run into them since for the most part, they were all in the heart of Tartarus. So yea pretty cool place, not that I’d take a vacation there or anything but hey this is my attempt at open-mindedness.

On to the plot and the oh so lovely characters. As stated previously, they all transformed in one way or another. It was like seeing my children grow up. Let’s start with HAZEL. She was such a huge part in the story and without her, they would not have gotten Percabeth out. She mastered her new power which is controlling the mist and just DOMINATED! Oh I don‘t even know what to say, she’s just so great. The way she led them through the underground tunnels, the way she tricked Pasiphae, then the way she would just not give up against Clytius…I just…wow. It is only fitting that I talk about Frank now. First off, he physically changed and now looks like a proper son of Mars. But also, he’s no longer the whiny kid. He defeated ALL the poisonous cows, which was about 30, in Venice single-handedly. Then he commanded a whole legion of Roman soldier ghosts, saving his friends from sudden death. He’s now PRAETOR of Camp Jupiter. That is crazy. Boy is doing some big things.

Now for my favorite! LEO VALDEZ! My babe (aside from Percy) whom I love with all my heart. He just brings joy to the group with his sense of humor and positive attitude. Even when the mood is gloomy, he’s cracking jokes. I really love his ability to fix things, and create things to get him out of situations. For example, when he created the bomb to temporarily blind the dwarves and when he created a makeshift helicopter to save himself from impacting the Mediterranean. My tinker <3. He is also the sweetest. He thought of Frank’s lifeline as soon as Calypso gave him the fireproof clothing. Speaking of Calypso, I love how Rick incorporated a lot of people and stories from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It really made everything connect as one story and not two separate stories. Having Leo meet Calypso was just one of the many clever things Rick did. Now he won’t be lonely assuming he somehow finds Ogygia again and knowing Leo I don’t doubt the possibility. Calypso is such a sweetheart, I cannot imagine her cursing Annabeth and purposely wishing pain upon her. Even when she’s trying not to be sweet, she can’t help it, it’s in her DNA.

Jason Grace is one of my new favorites. I never thought I would say the words I, love, and Jason Grace in the same sentence unless there was a negative word in there somewhere but I actually found myself saying this after I finished the book. In MoA, Jason was a pain in the podex! He aggravated me to no end because he acted all cocky like he was superior and Percy was nothing compared to him the all-powerful awesome son of Jupiter. But he didn’t even act like that in HoH. He didn’t even seem like he was trying to take charge. All it took for me to actually like him was for him to lose the arrogant vibe. Moreover, when he decided to be Greek, I was sold! Once you go Greek, you can’t go back. 

That HUGE plot twist with Nico…When I tell you that I jumped on the bed and ran out the room, I am not kidding. I would never have guessed. That possibility was the farthest from my mind. When Favonius says, “The one you care for most fell into Tartarus” I’m thinking oh wow Nico is in love with Annabeth but no no no! I have to applaud Rick on that one because it was just brilliant. And can we just talk about Reyna? She went through the Mediterranean with just her horse for help and SURVIVED! I feel as if she doesn’t nearly get enough credit.

Percy and Annabeth. Percabeth. They are awesome together. They went to Tartarus and found their way back (with the help of Bob of course 🙂 ) The amount of love they have for each other is beautiful. They’ve been through so much and honestly, they can get out of any situation. I love how they keep each other going and as cliche as it sounds, they complete each other. Percy’s fatal flaw revealed itself quite a few times and if Annabeth wasn’t there to keep him grounded, bad things would have happened. This just emphasizes the point that they bring out the best in each other. They are the two characters that I will always love the most.

Everything about this book was perfect. I literally cannot find any issue or anything that bothered me. There was no cliffhanger! I’m satisfied with the ending. Now for another year-long wait.

Please like/comment or just talk to me if you love this book and all the other books as much as I do 🙂 Farewell for now fellow demigods.

DOOMED by Tracy Deebs

Total annihilation in 10 days. . . .doomed

Pandora has gotten herself into a sticky situation. Receiving a birthday email from her father, who has been absent in her life ever since she was seven, has turned her world into something of a video game…literally.

Deebs takes every teenagers nightmare and turns it into Pandora’s reality. No electricity, no power, and most importantly NO INTERNET! (shudders). And it all started with one click. Finding an email from your ghost of a father on your 17th birthday is sketchy enough. Unknowingly uploading a worm from said email may or may not create some major daddy issues. On top of that this worm is connected to a video game called Pandora’s Box which is Pandora’s favorite game (surprise right?). The only thing left to spin this out of control was a present in the middle of the screen. You can guess what happened. Just as the Greek myth goes, Pandora unleashes the disasters of the world and to save it from annihilation, she has to play the game. What fun!

I really liked this book because I’ve never read anything apocalyptic before and this was by far the most interesting way to end the world. I mean, who would think playing a little video game could be that dangerous? Certainly not Pandora. The idea behind this apocalypse is also not as far-fetched as say death by zombies. Out of 7.023 billion people in our world, there’s bound to be one or two evil tech-savvy masterminds who dream of ending the world for whatever reason or at least have the power to do it. Plus, the world wide web completely shutting down in all parts of the world would most definitely create chaos. The kinds of things that people did in this book because of this worm were a little terrifying. The game was also so cool! It was based completely on Greek mythology and I, being a greek and roman mythology nerd, was intrigued by it.

This book was in no way a slow read, there was never a dull moment. There was non stop action on every page. I have to say Pandora is one strong female. Obviously she lost her composure a few times but you know who wouldn’t? In the end she would get back up with the help of her friends. Which brings me to Theo and Eli 🙂 Now first off, they’re both gorgeous so plus 1 already. Eli is the funny, out-going jock whom all the girls fawn over. He kind of reminds me of a puppy. Theo is more the mysterious hot guy whom all the girls also fawn over but who is kind of in the popular crowd just because it’s expected. Did I mention he’s a genius? Yea he’s pretty amazing. He never gives up and is always there to take charge and be the one with the plan. Oh yea Eli and Theo are step brothers who don’t really get along well. Together these three stick their heads together, put on their thinking caps, and race the clock in attempt to save the world.

I refuse to believe the ending is the true ending. There’s too much left to happen for this story to be finished! What happens to the world now? I need more of two specific characters! My heart is not satisfied! I felt like the last few chapters were rushed because the author wanted to finish the story quickly. There wasn’t really any development to the resolution. It was just like BAM this is how it ends. There HAS to be a sequel though I can’t find any information about one. Nevertheless, I won’t disregard the possibility.

If you liked what you read then pick up DOOMED by Tracy Deebs 🙂